Why Goddess Training?

I felt that the typical trainer and training models at most gyms and fitness centers lacked the Feminine elements to it, I wanted to train women in a way that makes them feel more feminine, sexy, and in touch with themselves and their bodies so that instead of seeing your body as something to fix or change you begin to see it through self love.  This is a complete approach of life-changing self care, by proper nourishment and movement in a way that is enjoyable.  Instead of "trying to loose weight" or "get in shape" or "work on my beach body," we take an approach of creating lifelong habits and learning lifelong skills.  We create habits and rituals that create lasting change and keep us looking and feeling our best! These workout are designed with the female body in mind and include things like dance warms ups that help you get into your Devine Feminine energy. We end training sessions with short meditations to connect to our source, our inner Goddess, and our higher selves to keep us grounded and connected throughout the day.

Where is it?

For those that want to train their bodies and want to take a journey with me of  exploring  their inner Goddess, I train you in my in home gym and dance studio or if you have your own home gym I can train you there.