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Helping to you to become and develop  your best self in aspects of body, mind and spirit.


I'm Here For You


 I am here to help coach you to learn to love yourself, as well as treat and experience yourself like the Goddess you are. I do this by taking a wholistic and individualized approach to nutrition and fitness, as well as, including and integrating aspects of mind and spirit. I feel that ALL of these things contribute to feeling, being, looking, and living your best life. 

Health and Nutrition


As a professionally trained and experienced Health Coach, I have the tools and understanding to help you to create the body and vitality you desire. Learning to eat right and give your body the proper fuel for growth, repair, energy, feeling good emotionally and optimizing performance according to your needs and body type is the approach I take.  Its not about "diets" or a "quick fix" its about loving your body, creating lifelong habits, and a lifestyle that supports and enhances your wellbeing.  Which means giving your body the proper fuel it needs so that you will look beautiful, feel vibrant, and have a healthy glow. 

Fitness and Workouts


I am a Certified Personal Trainer through NASAM. As a fitness enthusiast, yogi, weightlifter, runner, and dancer, I bring all these elements and more into my Personal Training with my Clients. I believe that exercise effects all aspects of our lives, not just physical but mental and emotional as well; therefore, it is important to exercise and move our bodies regularly. I believe it should be not only effective, but FUN, enjoyable, and even pleasurable, so that you want and look forward to moving your body in some way every day! By taking this approach and tailoring specific workouts to your individuality as well as your goals, I work with you to create the body you desire!



Using the power of your subconscious mind through visualization and recreating thought patterns is an element that can accelerate transformation in any program or for any specific desired outcome. 

Reiki and Chakra Activtions


Reiki uses Universal Life Force Energy for Healing physical, spiritual, and emotional issues. Chakra Activations teaches you to become familiar with your etheric and energetic body.  This also educates us on how Universal Life Force flows through all your Chakras for balance and greater Life Force running through you.

Art of Tantra


Learning about the art of Tantra will help you embody and get in touch with your Goddesslike qualities, learn how to connect and be intimate with yourself, your own body and with others, get in touch with and learn to express more of your sensuality, learn the art of living life with pleasure and realizing your divinity. 

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